AdPro Technology is at the heart of AdTactics’s solutions.We believe cutting-edge technology delivers better results, raises ROI, and makes everyone happier.

AdTactics delivers you the most valuable customers via our advanced audience targeting and optimization technology.

AdPro is a system developed by Adtactics Marketing Limited. AdPro is used to integrate all online marketing media such as Adwords, AdMob, Bing, Yahoo, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Skype, Blog, EDM, YouTube etc., into one simple tool. In AdPro, we can monitor your advertisement performances including Offline and Online Campaigns. Therefore, we can increase the advertisement performances and boost ROI.

Cross-devices Targeting

Identify users owned devices. Deliver ads on high-performing devices to enhance user experience, including CPM, CTR, CPC, CPL, CPA. Automatically allocate marketing budget on the right devices to obtain the best ROI.


Continuously collect and accumulate data from previous campaigns. Build customized first-party database for each client, and helps to collect and accumulate user data from every campaign you run with us.

Big Data Analysis

Process billions of data points every day, and make instant, smart decisions for you – every millisecond, 24/7. Compare and match user behavior from our database to learn: preferred access time, interests, interactions, devices, visited websites, etc.

Audience Profiling

AdTactics provides our interest-based user database for our clients to find their the most valuable customers.

Real-Time Bidding

Harness real-time bidding and automatic optimization to filter impressions and achieve results based on solid data analysis. No more wasted ads that miss your target audience

Programme Automation

Customize optimization algorithms for your campaign. Simulate every transaction scenario to engage with potential customers and make intelligent buying decisions.

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